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An Excellent destination to treat all your physical and mental illnesses through Ayurveda and Yoga.

Antharaathma Yoga Ayurveda Nilayam is located just 200 meters  from Kazhakkoottam junction and one km from Technopark. The atmosphere of this place is very quiet and calm, best suited for Yoga, Meditation and Ayurvedic treatments.The word ” Antharaathma” means inner soul. Every living being live because of this power residing inside of them or else we can say that all living beings are relying in this power. Antharaathma opening a way in front of you to find your Antharaathma. For this, mental strength is very much in inevitable.

The main aim of ANTHARAATHMA is to deliver yoga to all people in a simple and helpful way to cure the disease in an unhealthy person through Ayurveda. Through strict and regular practice of yoga will increase your concentration, growth in intellectual. By increasing concentration your mind will get closer to soul, this will help us to experience real calmness.